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November 16, 2016 - May 2017

The challenges of working in today’s organizations have become more complex and less predictable. In a world that is quickly becoming more connected through technology, there is a growing need to improve our communication skills. This intensive training program provides participants with understandings about organizational systems, leadership, and skills to facilitate the most demanding, challenging and creative types of group interactions.

What you will get from the training:

  1. Deeper insights into your leadership styles, strengths, and areas of stretch.
  2. A tool bag full of facilitation skills and processes.
  3. Understandings and strategies to deal with change management.
  4. Ability to diagnose situations in your teams and organization and a process for designing the right interventions and preventions.
  5. Strategies to build greater levels of sustainability into your programs and organizations.


Training dates:

November 16 & 17,  2016

January 4 & 5,  2017

February 8 & 9, 2017

March 22 & 23,  2017


Your Instructor:

Steve Zuieback is a management consultant and master facilitator with over 30 years of experience of working with global corporations, non-profits, community organizations and teams. Steve's special interests are in the areas Education and the Environment.


“Steve Zuieback’s facilitation workshop was incredibly fun and informative.  As a city manager, I draw upon the skills I gained on a daily basis while preparing for and participating in discussions, negotiations, and public meetings.” 
 - Linda Ruffing, Ft. Bragg City Manager

“This is a class for our time. Steve Zuieback has a well-honed knowledge, skills that he imparts about leading groups through their stuck places, creating stronger functioning organizations as a result. Then there's the great networking that results from the focus on real community issues with other folks working for the common good here. I highly recommend this series of classes.” 
Mary Anne Landis, Mayor of Ukiah  


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To register:

Starla Manchester

Phone: (360) 313-1097



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To register:

Starla Manchester

Phone: (360) 313-1097