From Cat Herding to Facilitative Leadership



As a leader, does it ever feel like all you do is herd cats? If this happens more times than you like, then this 2-day Master Class is for you! This course is for leaders, facilitators, and coaches who want to be able to diagnosis and correct the causes of group dysfunction. Put another way; this class is about how leaders can create high functioning teams. Behind all the buzz words like creativity, innovation, and crucial conversations, are high functioning teams. Everyone would agree that high functioning teams are critical, but few leaders have the distinctions to both observe and then positively intervene in groups to move them from lower levels of functioning to higher levels of productivity and effectiveness.  

The sessions are very practical and focused on skill building. The presenters will use a combination of lecture, demonstration, role-playing and practice.

Steve Zuieback and Michael Grinder have spent several decades consulting, facilitating and training international leaders. In this 2-day session, you will have the benefit of their shared experience in working with teams and organizations from around the world. 

Steve is a facilitative expert – Michael is a pioneer in the arena of group dynamics and management. By attending the session, you will receive their new book, From Cat Herding to Leadership

December 8-9, 2016 - Victorville, California


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Leaders will be able to improve results with their teams by:

  • Identifying and correcting difficult individual and group dynamics when they occur.
  • Matching the complexity of a team's work to the team's level of functionality.
  • Selecting the right type of facilitation process for their teams.
  • Providing the right kind of support to their teams to nurture higher levels of functionality, and
  • creating a track record of positive team results - nothing builds success like positive results.

Some of the topics covered

  • Leadership map of excellence for group facilitation and management.
  • Diagnosing specific group dynamics based on predictable observational dynamics
  • Assessing the level of complexity of tasks and issues for your team.
  • How to manage and facilitate the 5 most common group dysfunctions.
  • How to diagnose and manage individual, camps, teams and whole system dynamics.

Who should enroll

This master class is designed for leaders, managers and supervisors who find themselves in challenging group and team settings. No prerequisites are required. This class is a much more in-depth exploration of this important topic than is covered in the Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Time development program  If you have questions about your qualifications for this Master Class, please contact Steve Zuieback at or Michael Grinder at: 

Want to Look At the Course Material

Steve and Michael have written extensively about group dysfunction and high function teams. You can view all the class resources. Here a few selected recent blogs that you might find useful.

Is my team dysfunctional, or is it just me- Part 1: (Unformed and Formed Groups)

Is my team dysfunctional, or is it just me? Part 2 (Functionality Continuum)

Is my team dysfunctional, or is it just me? Part 3: (Working with Complexity)

Is my team dysfunctional, or is it just me? Part 4: (Selecting the right processes to work with complexity)


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December 8-9, 2016 - Victorvile, California

Contact Caryn Valdez at the Desert Mt. SELPA

Direct: (760) 955-3552| Office: 760-552-6700