From Cat Herding to Facilitative Leadership - Victorville, California

Leaders with the most distinctions and the most flexibility have the greatest ability to positively influence others and achieve better results – do you want to learn how to be more effective? 

The qualities of an effective leader are many. In this two-day program you will walk away with the maps of excellence that leaders use in answering and addressing the question, "When should I facilitate and when is it best for me to manage to get powerful results."

Steve Zuieback and Michael Grinder have spent several decades consulting, facilitating and training international leaders. For the first time ever they jointly share their understandings and experineces in working with teams and organizations from around the world. 

Steve is a facilitative expert – Michael is a pioneer in the arena of group dynamics and management. Because lifetimes cannot be poured into a two-day course, they will focus on the maps and skills that outstanding leaders use to navigate to excellence. The session will be highly interactive and the models and skills can immediately be implemented in your leadership practice. Two wonderful resources will be provided as part of the course fee – Fast Track by Michael Grinder and Diagnosis: From Theory to Practice by Steve Zuieback and Tim Dalmau. 

March 13-14, 2017 - Victorville, California

What you will learn

  • How to determine the level of functionality of a group or team based on observation of group dynamics.
  • How to determine the capacity of a group/team to tackle specific issues based on the issue’s level of complexity.
  • How to identify informal leaders and barometers in groups.
  • How to interpret and validate your observations of individual and group dynamics.
  • When and how to manage individual and group dynamics to improve results.
  • How to validate your interpretations of individual and group dynamics.
  • How to make the right intervention with the proper diagnosis of group dynamics.

Some of the topics covered

  • Leadership map of excellence for group facilitation and management.
  • Diagnosing specific group dynamics based on predictable observartional dynamics
  • Assessing the level of complexity of tasks and issues for your team.
  • How to manage and facilitate the 5 most common group dysfunctions.
  • How to diagnose and manage individual, camps, whole team and whole system dynamics.

Who should enroll

This master class is designed for leaders, managers and supervisors who find themself in challenging group and team settings. No prerequisites are required. This is a much more in-depth exploration of this important topic than is covered in the Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Time development program  If you have questions about your qualifications for this Master Class, please contact Steve Zuieback at: or Michael Grinder at: 


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