Master Classes



Who are these classes for?

Many of our clients who have participated in the Leadership Practices for Challenging Times or the Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times development programs have asked for deeper training in the practices, processes, and skills presented through these programs. The programs offered below are intended for this audience as well as for experienced leaders, consultants, facilitators and coaches who are looking to deepen their practice. Master classes can be tailored to the unique needs of interested organizations. Our current domain of master classes includes the following:

Developing Your Leadership Theory of Practice

The most powerful leaders have an explicit "theory of practice" that they consciously operate from as they make decisions, how they engage in challenging situations and how they build and coach other people. A theory of practice is a set of assumptions, hypotheses, and principles that have been developed through their experience about what works and doesn't work. This workshop will take participants through a series of experiences, dialogues and coaching conversations that will result in a completed theory of practice for each person. 

Diagnosis: From Theory to Practice

This advanced program will build a working understanding of how to diagnosis complicated and complex organizational issues that lead to innovative approaches and solutions. The work focuses on using your real case scenarios and you will leave with the skills of using the Process Enneagram. Participants will be asked to fill out a pre-assessment questionnaire as preparation for the workshop. 

Powerful Dialogue Processes for Organizational Change

This two-day training is a Master Class that focuses on building an in-depth working knowledge on the facilitation of the Process Enneagram developed by Dick Knowles and adapted by Tim Dalmau and Steve Zuieback. The emphasis of this workshop is practicing facilitation with the enneagram and receiving process feedback from course participants and presenters.  This session is for the serious practitioner.

Below the Green Line - From Theory to Practice

Leaders intuitively understand that an emphasis on information, relationships/connections and identity (meaning and purpose) are the right way to go in today’s world. What is not so obvious is how this philosophy translates into practice. This Master Class will provide participants with the principles, strategies and processes to build the “below the green line” ways of operating into the leadership teams, site or department teams, project planning, strategic planning and professional development programs. The course will emphasize case scenarios and success stories as springboards to building shared understanding about the approaches and practices.

From Cat Herding to Leadership

Most people report that facilitating meetings is like "herding cats". This master class teaches people the observation skills to diagnose what is occurring in groups and the skills and processes to move groups from dysfunctional to high functioning. This course has been co-developed with Michael Grinder and is most powerful when both Steve and Michael work together in teaching both the micro and processes skills needed by leaders for creating high functioning teams.

Learning About The Diverse Applications of the Process Enneagram

The Process Enneagram, developed by Richard Knowles, is a powerful model for understanding how to work with complicated and complex organizational issues and challenges. This two day Master Classes will first develop a strong working understanding of the model, and then go into greater detail about how to apply the model as a journey map, conversation process and facilitation design framework.