Below the Green Line

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This series of Free Resources is a collection of emerging articles that will eventually become a book or resource guide. My hope is that this "book" will represent the combined work of all my colleagues who critque, added stories and make suggestions through my Facebook Page as the work evolves over time. The original concept of the Six Circle Model was developed by Margaret Wheatley and has been greatly expanded by Dick Knowles, Tim Dalmau, myself and many others around the world. 

Below the Green Line - Overview

This is the Introduction Section of the book. It provides an overview of the genesis of the model as well as the high level meaning of the "Above and Below the Green Line" components of the model. 

Overemphasis on Below the Green Line - Are We Going to Eat or Talk?

This video addresses a common leadership "mistake" - an overreliance on the "below the green line work" when they first learn about the model. The real secret is to learn to balance the "above the green line and below the green line" work.

Below the Green Line and High Functioning Teams - 2016

This September 2016 article connects the philosophy of "above and below the green line" with specific practices for creating high functioning teams. High functioning teams are the pillar for nurturing a "below the green line" way of operating.