Organizational Diagnosis and Design

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To get the entire framework and skills associated with Diagnosis, please look at our new book: Diagnosis: From Theory to Practice by Steve Zuieback and Tim Dalmau.

This series of resources has been assembled to assist the leader and practitioner in organizational diagnosis and design. It is the diagnosis that opens up new insights that enable more creative solutions for teams and organizations.

Organizational Diagnosis and Design Resources:

Diagnosis: From Theory to Practice by Steve Zuieback

This is a summary article of the diagnosis process desgined by Steve Zuieback and Tim Dalmau. If you want to get at the heart of your business and organizational issues, this is a must read.

Leadership Map of Excellence by Steve Zuieback & Michael Grinder

Leaders often want to know how they can move a "less than dysfunctional" team to higher levels of productivity and creativity. This is a wonderful look at the 4 levels of assessment and intervention a leader can take to move their teams to better results.

Strategic Enneagram Templates - PDF

This is a wonderful series of enneagram templates designed for conducting diagnosis conversations in a variety of contexts.

Finding Another Way by Tim Dalmau and Steve Zuieback

A short paper on some of our learning about working with management and unions under difficult situations.

Lessons from the Field by Tim Dalmau

This short paper reviews the key components for creating and supporting a successful change initiative in an organization. 

How do you move a group from compliance to commitment?

Unfortunately many if not most groups comply with the demands of leadership or the organization and don't really operate out of personal commitment. This process is bullet-proof in identifying those factors that need to be addressed to increase peoples's commitment to the work, team and organization.