Simple Sequence for the Process Enneagram

By Steve Zuieback · Posted Monday, October 28, 2019

73% of change implementation efforts don't achieve their desired outcomes. There are many reasons for this. One primary reason seems to be that the planning conversations don't build ownership and don't build from inspiring outcomes. The Process Enneagram developed by Dick Knowles, utilized properly, creates both ownership and begins by establishing powerful new perspectives about what is possible. This is contrasted by planning models that begin with defining the problem.

For many years students in Steve's Leadership Practices for Challenging Times training program have found the Process Enneagram difficult to learn. For the most part, they have been confused by the diagram - trying to follow the sequence of arrows. In this short blog and embedded video, Steve Zuieback has created the Process Enneagram for Beginners. The emphasis is that there is a linear order that is embedded into the Enneagram. Once you start with an understanding of the Current State of an issue, you can use the following linear sequence:

  1. Intentions
  2. Principles
  3. Tensions
  4. New Context and New Strategies
  5. Work
  6. Deep Learning

Following this order significantly increases your probability of achieving positive outcomes from a conversation - both rational (tasks) and experiential (social-emotional) outcomes.









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