January 2013 Overview of the 6 Circle Model - Below the Green Line

By Steve Zuieback · Posted Thursday, January 17, 2013


Overview of the 6 Circle Model – Below the Green Line

This video was shot in an actual training session in 2012 so the video quality may not be the highest quality. It provides a high-level description of the attributes of both the “above the green line” and the “below the green line” domains. I hope you can use this as a primer to start conversations with your teams that can result in new perspectives about the nature of leadership and agreements about how teams can operate together. Please contact me through Facebook if you would like to engage in conversation around this topic.

6 Circle Model

Originally developed by Margaret Wheatley and further refined by Tim Dalmau and Richard Knowles. It has also become known as the “Below the Green Line Model” because of the green line the separates the 3 upper domains from the bottom 3 domains.  The 3 upper domains have been labeled structure, process (operations) and patterns (strategies). The 3 lower domains have been called information, relationships (connections) and identity.

Above the Green Line

These domains are the tangible and measurable aspects of work and organizations. They have more to do with what we “do”. They also relate to the more “rational outcomes” of the work.

Below the Green Line

The “below the green line” more accurately describes ways of “being”. They focus on the experiential and social outcomes of a team, organization or system. They have more to do with the culture. They also relate to the cultural infrastructure that supports or hinders the “above the green line” work.

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