Leadership Practices for Challenging Times

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About the Training Program

This is a powerful development program for Leaders, Consultants, and Coaches. The focus of the program is to build an understanding of organizational systems and to build powerful conversation and dialogue skills to help move systems to higher levels of results and sustainability. The sessions focus on hands-on practice.  Each specific process and practice is modeled by Steve Zuieback and practiced in small groups by participants. Generally, the program consists of four 2-day training modules spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Download a more detailed description of the Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times Training program.

A sample of some of the participant outcomes include:

  • Diagnosis and design interventions for your teams and organizations.
  • Assist your teams and organization to navigate change processes and implementation of new initiatives.
  • Utilize a range of facilitation processes and learn what process to use for different type of situations and desired outcomes.
  • Design rational and experiential outcomes to guide your facilitation designs.
  • Implement conflict resolution processes. 
  • Recognize and handle the most common difficult group dynamics.
  • Shift your style and approach based on the needs of your teams.
  • Become a more effective listener.
  • Facilitate the groups in which you are the formal leader.
  • Be a more effective member of a team that is facilitated by another person.

Some of the key training topics:

  • Change and transition
  • Leadership and systems models - "above and below the green line" - Ralph Stacey model
  • Designing with rational and experiential outcomes
  • Micro skills for powerful leadership and facilitation
  • The Process Enneagram for process design and dialogue 
  • Range of dialogue processes - Focused Discussion, After Action Review, Appreciative Inquiry
  • Rational and non-rational processes - when to use which process 

Course Materials - participants receive the following materials as part of their registration fee:

  1. Leadership Practices for Challenging Times by Steve Zuieback
  2. Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times Process Flash Cards by Steve Zuieback
  3. Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times Process Flash Cards - E-Book by Steve Zuieback
  4. Access to Video Library by Steve Zuieback

“The Desert/Mountain SELPA has been honored to work with Steve Z. for the past ten years. Through our work with Steve, we have built an organization that is values-based and focused on building people. I have personally learned how to lead effectively through my participation in Steve’s  facilitation training for educational leaders. I highly recommend this training for those leaders who want to create sustainable transformation and who want to improve their ability to effectively lead in chaotic times. Steve’s down-to-earth and practical approach focuses on real work and results in a deeper level of self-reflection and personal learning.”

Dr. Sheri Wilkins, Formerly Program Manager Desert Mt. SELPA, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools 


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    San Bernardino City USD - Leadership Team: Spring 2018

    This is a closed session for San Bernardino City Unified School District employees. For more information about this session contact Sylvia Ross at SYLVIA.ROSS@sbcusd.k12.ca.us