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Leadership is about creating the conditions where people can thrive and realize their best.” – STEVE ZUIEBACK

Leadership Training & Development

Books and Products

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    Diagnosis: From Theory to Practice


    2015 New Release Ebook by Steve Zuieback and Tim Dalmau. This is a wonderful and practical book that covers the theory and specific practices for diagnosing dynamics that commonly occur inside organizations and teams. The book is loaded with resources and links.

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    Leadership Practices for Challenging Times: Principles, Skills and Practices that Work




    The book is designed to provide the inspiration, theories and practices that enables people to diagnose, design and implement effective strategies that can transform working environments and whole organizations.

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    Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times Process Flash Cards




    The Flashcards provide a quick and portable review of the main facilitation processes presented in the Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times training program. 

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    Leadership Bundle


    Leadership Practices for Challenging Times plus Facilitation Flash Cards! This is a fantastic bundle that is a full complement for anyone who wants to understand the theory as well as the nuts and bolts of facilitation practice.

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    From Cat Herding to Leadership




    2017 New 2nd Edition -  You want to stop herding cats - this 95 page "how to manual" will help you move your teams from a bunch of cats to a high functioning team. The E-book downloads to your device through a pdf format.

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    Managing Groups - Fast Track by Michael Grinder


    Fast Track provides the busy professional the “cliff notes” to effectively channel group dynamics toward high level results. 

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    Elusive Obvious by Michael Grinder


    This book is a wonderful complement to the Facilitation Skills for Chaotic Times Flashcards as its focus is on the micro-skills of effective communication and facilitation.